French Approved Breathalyser
AlcoProof Breathalysers

AlcoProof Alcohol Breathalyser
The AlcoProof product is manufactured in France, to the all important NF Standard, to ensure it complies with the legislation and will provide reliable and accurate readings.

It is supplied with a ‘blow bag’, which ensures the specific volume of breath is passed through the indicator crystals, so that a precise reading is always achieved.

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The AlcoProof breathalyser has been specifically tested and accredited in accordance with the NF X20702 standards, by the NF testing body in France, to confirm its suitability - see French Legislation.

AlcoProof Blow Bag and Glass Tube

AlcoProof breathalysers are manufactured in state of the art French factories and consist of the following components:

A. Blow bag - This is used to ensure exactly the correct volume of breath is sampled during the test.

B. Tester tube – Manufactured from glass, to prevent any risk of contamination and sealed with two foil caps to prevent any air ingress. Each tester tube contains a quantity of sensitive crystals, which change colour in the presence of alcohol and thereby provide an alcohol level ‘reading’ for the user.

Note - Coach Drivers

As Coach and PSV drivers are carrying 'commercial passengers', the drink driving limit in France is lower at 0.2g / l - blood. If you require breathalysers suitable for Coach drivers please contact us via: