French Approved Breathalyser
How to Use an AlcoProof Breathalyser

French Breathalyser Kit

1. Press firmly down on the plastic caps at BOTH ends of
    the tester tube – until they ‘pop’ inwards. This will
    pierce the foil anti-contamination seals and enable your
    breath sample to pass through the tube.

2. Open out the blow bag and inflate fully, through
    the one–way valve, with a single deep breath.

3. Insert the 'colour matching' cap of the tester tube into
    the 'same colour' one-way valve of the inflated blow bag.

4. Squeeze the bag gently but firmly to force all of the breath
    inside, out through the tester tube in approximately 15-20 seconds.

1. Wait at least two minutes, but no more than 10 minutes, and then interpret any colour change in
    the crystals.

2. In the presence of alcohol, the crystals will turn from yellow to green and, if the green colour does
    NOT reach the black ‘indicator’ line that is printed on the tube, you are below the 0.5 legal limit
    (see diagram A below).

If the green colour reaches, or goes past, the black indicator line (see diagram B below) you are over the French legal limit of 0.5g of alcohol per litre of blood and should NOT drive.

Note: If the green colour is close to, or above, the black indicator line you will need to use the colour chart enclosed with the product, to verify whether you are under or over the limit.

Caution: As with all chemical breathalysers, AlcoProof is an ‘indicator’ of alcohol level, not a Police Specification electronic measuring device. Therefore, where the alcohol level is close to the legal limit, interpretation may be difficult. If you have any doubt, you should NOT drive.